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Hi my name is Margarita , founder and Director of ANESTI home.

My inspiration for creating ANESTI home is to deliver homes with Light, Love and Harmony.

My son Dylan who is 8 years old is Autistic, life has definitely thrown us our challenges. With much patience and hard work, Dylan and I worked very closely over the last few years to make this possible. All art work has been designed by Dylan, once struggling with confidence issue, this project has restored belief in himself, that he can do all things with Love, Guidance and Patience.

In life we endure many trials which can define ones path.

I have selected to donate to various Charities such as BEYOND BLUE, BRAVEHEARTS and various AUTISM charities which are close to my heart for many reasons. 

I truly hope my beautiful collection of Home Décor, Tea lights, Tealight cups and Signature Candles are welcomed in your home and heart.

Yours in gratitude and love,


Margarita XxX



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